November 2016 General Meeting Minutes

Date, Time, Location: Thursday November 10, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in the library.

Meeting called to order by Joe Shannon at 6:30 p.m.

Attendance: Michelle Cuddeback, Shane Hunter, Joe Shannon, Mia Driscoll, Amy Merwin, Avril Betoushana, Arianna Van Heusen, Gus Janeway.

There were 8 in attendance and a quorum was reached. There is one guest, Niki Del Pizzo from Lomakatsi.

Minutes: Meeting minutes from 10/13/16 were read and approved with no changes.

Guest Presentation: Lomakatsi Ashland Pond Days Project- given by Niki Del Pizzo

  • Ashland Pond Project- 12-acre project, 5 blocks from Helman Elementary, 9 years running, ongoing collaboration with Lomakatsi and Helman to facilitate education and stewardship of the Ashland pond and Bear Creek area.
  • Projects being worked on: Trees that have been planted in the 1st year of the program are thriving! This gives more time and opportunity for ecology education in the field. Other community organizations such as SOU are also utilizing the area for education.

Treasurer’s Report: given by Shane Hunter

  • Mia makes a motion to approve a new budget, raising it $50 for increased expenses for Walk-a-Thon. Shane seconds the motion and all are in favor.
  • Mia makes a motion to reimburse Amy Merwin, the music teacher, $6 for a slight overage on her classroom budget. Shane seconds the motion and all are in favor.

Old Business:

Book Swap-

  • All went smoothly! Thank you to Kim, Jennifer and all the volunteers for running this event!

Walk-A-Thon- given by Gus Janeway

  • Giving a Big Thank you to Gus Janeway and All the volunteers who participated! A Big Thank you also to Meredith Yox for donating fruit snacks to the students after the event!
  • Online donating increased, which is good.
  • 60% student participation this year.
  • This event brought in $10,700.

Henry the Dragon Costume- given by Avril Betoushana

  • Its coming along. Avril passed around drawings rendered after Malinda gave a lot of important insight into the details of how it should fit. It’s looking great!

50th Anniversary Committee- given by

  • Tee shirt pre order forms are going out in Friday folders before Thanksgiving break.
  • The next meeting is set for continued discussions.
  • This event will take place during school hours, assembly style.
  • Date of the Event is Wednesday, January 25th.
  • It was discussed that PTA will purchase the cakes.
  • Joe is joining the committee and will be putting together a slide show for the event.

New Business:

Giving Snowflake- given by Mia Driscoll

  • Mia and Tia are beginning preparations, emails and flyers will be sent out soon via Malinda.

Matt Damon Fundraising Project- given by Joe, Avril and Michelle

  • This will be a one-time fundraiser.
  • Story telling night is a strong idea.
  • Michelle will check in with Bellview Elementary to see if there are any event timing conflicts.

Open Items:

  • Helman Directory- Blaine Pickett has done this in the past, he has moved on from the school. He will work with Avril to hand this task over to her. Avril will work on getting the Directories our ASAP.
  • Michelle brought an idea from the student council. One project they really liked and were considering was to buy gifts for children and families in need of help this holiday season and the question is if this is in conflict with the Giving Snowflake Project?
  • Darcy Fitch has stepped down from lead volunteer of the Talent Show, we are in search of her replacement.
  • Avril has been soliciting parents for Classroom Parent Volunteer positions in each classroom. Parents are asking for clarification of that volunteer role. Parents want to understand what teachers needs, wants and expectations are of this volunteer role.


Next Meeting on December 8th 2016, in the library

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m. by Joe Shannon


Minutes compiled by Jessica Bendaw, Recording Secretary