January 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Helman Elementary School PTA


January 8, 2019

6:30pm – 8:00pm

  1. Welcome, Introductions, Agenda, Expectations
    1. Called to order at 6:30pm
    1. Attendance: Joe Shannon (President), Keri Pennell (Vice-President), Shane Hunter (Treasurer), Amy Merwin (Secretary and Teacher), Vivian Diaz-Dygert (Volunteer Coordinator), Michelle Cruz, Martin Huggins, Keri Pennell, Valerie McCoy (Teacher), Ashley Schwedes (Teacher), Emily Santiago, Julie Cymore
  • Approval of Minutes from December Meeting
    • Shane made a motionto approve the minutes as written. Motion passed by vote.

  • Financial Report
    • Shane reported that the checking account shows negative balance because some money is restricted but the balance is actually positive.
    • Shane explained the remainder of the report.
    • Vivian asked if Lego League would continue to be supported and Joe answered that for this year, Pilot Project 1 would pay the fee this year and leave open the possibility for future support. Valerie and Ashley addressed making sure that all interested students are included and which they also can in the Lego Club. Joe suggested tying in the Lego League results to the Science Fair.
    • Track update: contractor is working on scheduling a date.

  • Debrief/Update Session
    • Giving Snowflake: very successful. All snowflakes were fulfilled. 
    • Student Directory: Amy and Malinda are working on it and will finish soon.
    • Talent Show: Amy reported that it went great. Others reported that they thought everything went well with nothing major to change for next year. Works well in December. Had plenty of acts and the little assembly Amy did for K/1 encouraged young students to perform.

  • Upcoming Events
    • Science Fair April 25, 2019
      • Science Assembly occurs before the Science Fair. Sarah Campagna and Chrysten Lambert are running it.
    • Mayfaire May 05, 2019
      • Still do not have a Mayfaire Director
      • Joe submitted application for Disneyland tickets for Silent Auction and Raffle. We are now soliciting donations for the auction and raffle.
      • Pick-a-Party with Teachers: Amy will ask teachers who is interested.
      • Amy asked about the plan for soliciting donations. Emily suggested using Google Docs to keep track of donations. Michelle Cruz suggesting sending a note to parents to solicit business donations. Emily suggested starting the Silent Auction a few weeks ahead of Mayfaire.
      • Discussed food trucks and other aspects.
      • Ashley offered to run a cotton candy machine if we can rent one.
      • Amy asked Martin to update the PTA website with Mayfaire information.
      • Form a committee and start meetings. Martin said he can help.

  • Open Floor/Ideas/Proposals, Etc.
    • Music room water fountain: Amy made a proposal for a water filter on the water fountain in the music room. The pipes are rusty and the water tastes bad. All 350 students drink use the fountain several times per week. Multi-Pure is the company that installed 4 filters at Helman in 2009 and the cost for one is $443.
      • Shane made a motionto allocate Pilot Project 2 for $443 for the Music room water fountain. Motion passed by vote. Amy is VERY grateful and the students will be, too!
    • Playground water fountains
      • Joe: year-round fountains that would not need to be turned off in winter. One water-filler. Price range $4000-$7000. Not proposing today, just giving an update. Joe is in touch with the district plumber. Relocate water fountain to other side of the gazebo. Emily suggested that parents be given opportunity to donate directly to the fountain.
    • Media/Website Coordinators: Martin is working on the website and possibly the Facebook page.
    • Projects to fund/ideas
      • Martin asked about social gatherings for single parents. Joe replied that he used to host the “Helman Stomp” at Standing Stone every year but hasn’t done it in a while. Overwhelming support about reinstating some kind of parent/adult night-maybe right before Mayfaire.
    • Fridge: Amy reported that she is in touch with the donor and we just need to organize a truck to pick it up.

  • Next meeting February 12, 2019
    • Meeting adjourned at 7:57pm

Helman PTA Officers 2018/2019

Joe Shannon, President

Keri Pennell, Vice President

Shane Hunter, Treasurer

Amy Merwin, Secretary

Kristie Cox and Vivian Diaz-Dygert, Volunteer Coordinators