November 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Helman Elementary School PTA


November 13, 2018

6:30pm – 8:00pm

  1. Welcome, Introductions, Agenda, Expectations
    1. Called to order at 6:32pm
    1. Attendance and Introductions: Joe Shannon (President), Keri Pennell (VP), Shane Hunter (Treasurer), Amy Merwin (Secretary), Michelle Cuddeback (Principal), Joyce DeMent, Martin Huggins, Michelle Cruz, Kari Smith

  2. Approval of Minutes from October meeting
    1. Michelle made a motionto approve the minutes as written. Motion passed by vote

  3. Financial Report (later in the meeting)
    1. Statement of Financial Position: $10,000 was moved to the savings account. Now there is $2,319.21 in the checking account. Plenty of cash for the rest of the year
    1. Paid out: T-shirts bought; will be delivered next week. Bought PA items. Teachers used some funds
    1. Walkathon used $430 (budgeted $400)
    1. Insurance increased by $20.00
    1. Add line items for:
      1. Meredith $200
      1. Pascale $200
    1. Amy made a motionto pass the financial report with the above changes. Motion passed by vote
    1. Audit: every year we are audited by the Oregon PTA. Parent volunteer, Kirk, approved the audit report as written. Will be sent to the state
    1. Keri made a motionto approve the audit as written. Motion passed by vote

  4. Debrief Session
    1. Walkathon
      1. Went great. Made over $10,000 with more to count. Yay!
      1. No snack or drink issues. Plenty of helpful parents
      1. Cards: next year make sure the color of the card matches the flag to avoid double-marking of laps
      1. Water bottles: make sure every student has one and keep it nearby
      1. Envelopes: papers were not glued on very well but we can re-use the envelopes next year
      1. Henry was there and it would be nice if Henry could appear at more events throughout the year. Maybe delegate “Mascot of the Year”

  5. Upcoming Events
    1. Giving Snowflake
      1. Starts after Thanksgiving
      1. Mia, Tia, Michelle, Keri
      1. Fliers will be sent home
      1. Put up signs around school
      1. Students make the snowflakes
    1. Talent Show (Amy M.)
      1. Planning is going well. Received twice as many acts this year than last year. Amy had some fifth graders put on an assembly for kinders and first grade to encourage them to participate. Auditions will take place week of Nov. 26 at recess
      1. One student requested to perform with a friend. Decision tonight: no outside students
      1. Amy will write an update for the parent email from Michelle
    1. Book Swap
      1. Nov. 28-30
      1. Before school and lunch recess
      1. Make half-sheet flier for this week’s Friday folders

  6. Open Floor/Ideas/Proposals
    1. Speech Pathologist Fund for Pascale
      1. Amy M. reported that Pascale would like to buy special chairs for her speech students but currently has no PTA budget
      1. Discussion about giving Pascale and Meredith a budget: same as other specialists ($200/year)
      1. Above was passed in Financial Report above
    1. Lego League
      1. Vivian Diaz-Dygert sent a request through Joe
      1. The fee to join the League is $800
      1. Vivian is requesting $300-$500 to repay Timo for the $800 fee.
      1. Joe suggested using Pilot Project 1 for $500
      1. Martin made a motionto use Pilot Project 1 for $500. Motion passed by vote. Possibility of supporting the League in the  future as well
    1. Projects to fund/ideas
      1. After-school class (Michelle)
        1. Tabled for now
      1. HUG Fund
        1. Michelle asked for funds for a family that will possibly lose housing soon. They haven’t asked for money but Michelle thinks $300-$600 could help the family keep their house.
        1. Michelle will gather more information and present it to the board.
      1. Joe: Bryon DeVore website. How does he get students’ birthdays? Michelle answered that the school photographer needs access to students’ private information. We should make sure that he keeps that information confidential.
        Kari: quality is good but cost is high. Bryon reduced the cost this year.
        *Survey parents regarding Lifetouch vs. Bryon DeVore

  7. Next Meeting December 11, 2018