Helman PTA Minutes September 10, 2013

In Attendance: Gus Janeway (President), Becky Sniffen (Vice President), Laurie Kemper (Treasurer),
Jill Williams (Secretary), Mia Driscoll, Tia Mclean, Julie Simpson, Sue McGrath,
Glenna Stiles, Debbie Tegarden, Arianna VanHeusen, Aleah Heil, Mary Snowden,
Brenda Cornett, Dana Crawford, Eric Grace, Philip Krayna, Erin Wilder, John

Call to Order – 6:30pm
Standing Rules:
 Gus reviewed PTA Standing Rules, which essentially state that “We’re here for the kids!”
 Tia moved to approve Standing Rules, Meredith seconded- motion approved unanimously; this
will be sent to PTA of Oregon.
Financial Report :
 Laurie proposed that the PTA allocate funding $200 in its budget to purchase Quickbooks
 Arianna VanHeusen made a comment about having a friend whose company may be willing to
help a non-profit entity with this.
 Tia moved to approve funding for Quickbooks into the budget – consensus was that it be
approved, but final vote will take place at next meeting, after more information has been
obtained by Arianna about possible outside grant.
 New Rogue Federal account has been opened for PTA, no fees unless acct drops below $1000.
 Money in savings and checking in both Wells Fargo and Rogue Federal currently, with plan to
transfer all to RF as soon as outstanding checks/Square transactions go through. Executive
officers will meet to make final transfer date.

Audit Committee, consisting of Laurie Kemper, Arianna Van Heusen, Dana Crawford, and Aleah Heil
to audit Gus and Helman PTA before next PTA meeting.

Jan, manager of Delusions of Grandeur (or Tone Deaf), presented their idea to bring music to the Cook
Islands, specifically Rara Tonga:
 Concert at Helman on Oct 17th, open to entire school, friends, neighbors as a fundraiser for
members of Delusions of Grandeur to get there.
 Proceeds would be split 50/50 with Helman, used to fund enrichment activities for Helman
students. Possibility that PTA would donate a greater % to DofG.
 Helman kids and Rara Tonga kids would do penpal exchange; each group of kids would also
exchange a DVD of themselves singing to the other.
 Eric Grace offered to make and distribute flyers
 Tia motioned to support this, Mia seconded; motion approved unanimously.

Glenna plans to reboot 2nd Steps curriculum so that all Helman kids get same message of behavioral
expectations with weekly lessons:
 Daniel Cazares will facilitate and help implement in classrooms
 Bernie Sanchez will be available to kids as well as EA’s, with a more formalized process for
kids with any difficulties to access help.
 The process will be much more systematic and well-documented
Open Positions:
 Box Topper: Colleen Gibbs volunteered
 Volunteer Coordinator: Meredith Page volunteered
-role of parent PTA rep is to individually reach out to ask for volunteers; Tia has hardcopy
of rules/responsibilities
 Membership Chair:
 T-Shirt Czars: Arianna Van Heusen and Philip Krayna volunteered
 Yearbook CEO:
 Thank You Note Author: Tia Mclean volunteered
 Bulb Sale Fairy:
 ScienceWorks MC:
 Interweb Choreographer: Eric Grace volunteered?
 OBOB Chair: Alan Harper volunteered?

Proposal to donate old Helman tshirts (from student alums who have outgrown theirs) to younger
Helman students; another idea is to donate unsold (older style/color) tshirts to Cook Island kids.

 Becky motioned to approve $800 towards this program for 2013/14, Philip seconded; motion
approved unanimously.
Cafeteria Boards:
 $1000 has been set aside for the purchase of materials to be used for hanging art/acoustics
 Philip Krayna offered to price this out; various avenues can be explored to determine whether
these can be resolved with one single solution, or treated as two separate issues.

Gus will sit in on next teacher’s meeting to hear how to improve the teacher grant process.

 First year Brothers’ Restaurant is sponsoring and paying for ½ the cost (estimated $1200).
 Cakewalk pays for much of it.
 Alan Parowski will help with music and BBQing.
 Scheduled for October 8th.
 Need volunteers on campus to collect envelopes from parents during conferences.
 Pointed marketing needed for this fundraiser due to miminal contributions last year
 Lomakatsi receives all monies raised
 Mia raised frustration that this comes after other fundraisers, so gets the short end of the stick.
 Will be a budget item at the October PTA meeting.

Mia moved to adjourn at 7:59pm, Laurie seconded; motion unanimously approved.