September 2015 General Meeting Minutes

Helman Elementary PTO

September 2015 General Meeting Minutes

Date, Time, Location: Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the library

Meeting called to order by President Sheri Cellini at 6:35 p.m.

Attendance: Mia Driscoll, Michelle Cuddeback, Mary Snowden, Sheri Cellini, Anne Robison, Becky Sniffen, Trish Dorr, and Jessica Bendaw. There were 7 members in attendance; a quorum was reached. No guests in attendance.

Topics of Discussion:

Finalize calendar of scheduled events for 2015-2016

  • Yahoo/Boohoo coffee events first day of school- September 2nd and 9th
  • Helman Hoedown and Cakewalk- September 17
  • Picture Week-September28- October 2
  • Walkathon- October 7
  • 1st Walk and Bike to School- October 7th
  • School Directory-Malinda will have ready 2nd week in October
  • OBOB – Fall and Spring
  • National Educational Support Professional (ESP) Day – November 18th
  • Book Swap Fall- November 18-20th
  • Giving Snowflake- Nov. 23rd – Dec. 18th
  • Plant-o-Thon- December 3-4th
  • Winter Music Program- December 11th, 1:30-2:40 p.m.
  • Valentines Assembly – February
  • Talent Show- March 11th
  • Lego Club- Friday afternoons in January, February, March
  • Recycling Assembly and Plastic Round Up – Spring
  • Science Assembly- Before or right after Spring break, March
  • Science Fair- April 14
  • Year Book creation and printing – December- May
  • Walk/Bike to School- Spring
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch – 1st week in May
  • Mayfair- May 22nd
  • Spring Book Swap- April 27-29
  • Watermelon Olympics- June 3rd
  • 5th Grade Graduation- June 9th
  • After school art program – Spring

Classroom parent volunteer forms:

The form created has been approved by Michelle and teachers and will be used as an informational tool for class parent volunteers. Teachers will fill out the form and give to the parent whom has been selected or has volunteered for the position. The volunteer coordinator or another PTA representative may be chosen to help in finding class parents when needed as well as a point person for class parent volunteers.

Getting Ready for Hoedown/Cakewalk- Sept. 17th

  • Still time slots needed for teacher/staff serving volunteers
  • This year is officially the last year that Brother’s restaurant will be sponsoring the event. 
  • Brainstormed other restaurant sponsorship ideas, Louie’s restaurant being at the top of the list. Sherri will be making contacts.

Budget for 2015-2016

  • $27,847.37 in checking; $1,751.06 in savings (HUG Fund)
  • After discussing every line item, the budget was unanimously approved with discussed changes.
  • The City of Ashland will match our PTA’s $2,000 for the Lomakatsi Pond restoration project.
  • There was discussion about how to evenly distribute the classroom enrichment grant moneys. The idea was presented to divide the grant money equally per pupil and then distribute accordingly to each grade level. Along this classroom grant money discussion, there are questions and need for clarification on how and to whom purchase orders for these projects are to be paid. Michelle will be meeting with the new District business manager to clarify this process.
  • Helman Hug Fund: A sub-account in quick books of our checking account was created and called Helman Hug Fund restricted funds. So we can see on our balance sheet we have that money in our checking account, but it’s earmarked for hug fund only.  Ann “transferred” the amount they fundraised last year into the sub account ($1543.90) but no actual money has been moved anywhere. Our checking account balance is still $1751.06. As for reflecting the hug fund in our budget, we could show our goal of raising $1000 for it, then show that money being spent in expenses, that way we don’t expect a $1000 profit at end of year if it has to get spent, and the net effect is $0 on the budget, but we show at least that we plan to be fundraising for it.
  • A pilot project to improve the sandbox was approved. The cost of the project at this time is $300.
  • We have 30 new PTA members so far this year. Our membership goal is 45 members. We still owe $218.50 in dues.
  • Yahoo/Boohoo Coffee brought in $425. PTA sold tee/sweat shirts and mugs. Sheri was able to negotiate free Noble Coffee donations and discounted donuts holes ($1 per dozen) from Puck’s Donuts.
  • An idea was introduced to have a ZUMBA event or ongoing classes to raise funds for the HUG fund or other PTA fundraising.
  • We need a volunteer to head the “Box Tops” ongoing fundraising project.
  • Sheri proposed to start a “Rainy Day Fund” to be made at the end of the year by transferring income overage of $1000 from checking to a special savings account.
  • Budget updates:

* Changed Pilot Project 1 to Sandbox Project

* Changes to Teachers under classroom supplies: Removed Kate Sullivan, added Jim Hagemann & Duane Johnson

* Changed Delusions of Grandeur to Valentines Assembly

* Eliminated of Dragon Faire and added Classified Appreciation Week $150

* Changed budget for Yahoo/Boohoo from $250 down to $100

* Added a “Pilot Event” and budgeted $140

* Increased PTA meeting Child Care Expense to $225

Open Items:

  • Sheri will talk to Randy about installing new water filters in all the classrooms
  • Art After School Program- In need of a new coordinator and will be soliciting for this position. Sheri is working with Meredith to pass the program along. This event pays for itself.
  • Yearbook- Sean had previously proposed to lead a “yearbook club” program where students could participate in the yearbook creating process beginning in December. Last year 50 books were sold but the demand was high and we needed more. PTA will discuss with Sean about ordering more next year.
  • We are looking for a consistent childcare provider at the school during PTA meetings. The position will be offered to education assistants first. The pay will be $25 per 2 hour meeting.
  • Sand Box Project – Becky motioned to approve the purchase of sand for the playground sandbox. It was seconded and approved. In the budget “Pilot project 1” is now the Sand box project. Mia is in charge of purchasing sand and any other items for this project.
  • We need new OBOB head coordinators. Two would be ideal. Colleen Gibbs has offered to help train the incoming coordinators. Kelly, Matt and Camille could have some good volunteer leads.
  • Organizational PTA Events Binder- In keeping with this year’s PTA mission, Sheri has created a binder that will also include a zip drive of digital information, to consolidate and organize details regarding PTA events. Sheri will be collecting information and details on each event, from event coordinators, PTA members or teachers so that we can pass this along to next year’s PTA.
  • Randy, our head of maintenance requested that PTA purchase BLUE or GREEN wide roll painter’s tape (high quality) be used for hanging signs on the newly painted exterior walls of the school. Sheri will purchase the tape.
  • Soundproofing boards- Michelle has ordered paint. PTA will recruit a team to paint the boards and maintenance will hang them. It is agreed that they should be hung higher on the wall, as they will also be used to display art.
  • It is decided that PTA meetings will take place the 1st Tuesday of the month with meetings beginning at 6pm.

Next meeting is at 6pm October 6th in the school library

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m. by Mia Driscoll

Minutes compiled by Jessica Bendaw, Recording Secretary