February 2017 General Meeting Minutes

Helman Elementary PTA

February 2017 General Meeting Minutes

Date, Time, Location: Thursday February 9, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the library.

Meeting called to order by Joe Shannon at 6:34 p.m.

Attendance: Michelle Cuddeback, Shane Hunter, Joe Shannon, Denise Finney, Jenny Hall, Avril Betoushana, Jessica Bendaw, Gus Janeway, Becky Sniffen, Yoko Hendrix. Mia Driscoll, Camille Siders, Tia McLean

There were 13 in attendance and a quorum was reached. We have no guests.

Minutes: Meeting minutes from 1/10/17 were read and approved with no changes.

Old Business:

50th Anniversary Celebration- given by Joe Shannon

  • It went great! Thank you so much to Joe and Avril for their hard work all day!
  • Henry the Dragon made his debut and the kids loved him!

Friday After school Lego Club- given by Avril Betoushana

  • So far it is going well.
  • Avril is still looking to fill some volunteer spots for parent supervision of the club of two days.

New Business:

Educational Assistant Appreciation Event- given by Tia McLean

  • Takes place the first week in March, the 6th through the 10th.

Art After School Program (AASP)- given by Denise Finney

  • The program this Fall ran 4 classes and they went well over all, all classes were full.
  • It’s a challenge to have a class with students ranging from K through 5th grade. Denise’s goal is to have at least one class per session that is for students from Kinder through 2nd grade.
  • For Spring, there are scheduled 4, possibly 5 classes; Jewelry Making, Claymation, felting and Cast Drawing.
  • Rogue World Music Organization (RWM), run by Val Rodgers, is a group specializing in music from all around the world, would like to partner with AASP through a class, the World Music and Art Class and a performance assembly.
  • This 2- hour class would be lead by RWM instructors. It would involve 45 minutes of music, a break, 45 minutes of art or dance.
  • RWM asks $45 per hour for their instructors pay. AASP pays instructors $25 per hour. We can pay their instructors $25 and RWM is willing to subsidize the difference with grants.
  • Mia motions to increase budget line item for AASP to $5,000 and Tia seconds the motion. All are in favor. This program currently funds itself, including covering background checks for instructors and supplies.
  • The PTA invites Val Rodgers to our next month meeting for her presentation.

Open Items:

Camille Siders classroom financial assistant request-

  • Camille is implementing an art project in her class with water color artist Joyce Feigner. She applied for an Ashland Schools Foundation Grant for $225-$250 and is asking for a matching grant of $225-$250 from the PTA.
  • Joe suggests Camille use her classroom grant monies towards this project. She may need more financial assistance, beyond the remaining classroom grant funds, to put towards science and social studies books for the 3rd grade classrooms. Joe invites her back to seek assistance in that event.
  • Michelle suggests that the Board create a system of perimeters for teachers in applying for pilot projects vs. just using classroom grant monies, including such details as # of minimal student participation etc.

OBOB- given by Jenny Hall

  • Jenny has created a month by month action plan sheet to be kept in the PTA binder, many thanks for that.
  • She reports having a much easier time over all this year than last. Team picking went way more smoothly. 3rd and 4th teachers create teams and 5th graders pick their own teams.
  • 90 students are participating this year. There was a great turn out for parent volunteer coaches.
  • Battles take place next week.
  • This is Jenny’s second year running this event and is willing to do it again next year and is hoping to have a 3rd grade parent as an assistant. Ideally this person would be to whom Jenny passes the reigns.

Talent show- given by Avril Betoushana

  • Amy Merwin will be running this event with help from parent Cassie Preskinis.
  • Info flyers have gone out in Friday Folders and beginning “auditions” are next week.

Yearbook- given by

  • Yoko Hendrix will be creating the yearbook this year. Avril will connect her with Sherry Cellini to train her in using the Treering website. The website also provides assistance in navigating the site and she can contact them.
  • There won’t be a Yearbook club this year. The computers in the library are already being used after school for math club. We can look at the possibility of holding a Yearbook Club next year.
  • Yearbook needs to be finished and ready for printing by the end of April in order to be printed, shipped and received by the end of May.

Soundboards- given by Avril and Joe

  • Joe, Avril, Michelle and Becky Sniffen met with David Somers the Facilities Director for the school district. He was very supportive of our project ideas. He does recommend that the sound boards should not be used for art display. We have two different projects, sound regulation and art displaying.
  • He suggested getting a professional consultation with a company that specializes in acoustics. Avril has made an initial reach out to a local company. Joe and Avril will continue gathering information for this project. We will present our final proposal to David for his final ok.
  • David also gave his consent for us to have maintenance install art display boards of our choice in the cafeteria. Two big considerations are durability and able to easily clean. Joe will speak to Bernie for insight into what could work best for the school’s art hanging needs.
  • Gus suggests creating a committee of parents and teachers who can research art boards further.

Storage Solution- given by Joe Shannon

  • David Somers gave his blessing for us to put storage somewhere at the school. He gave the suggestion that the farther away from the school, the better, for ease of the whole process.
  • Joe suggests by the tennis courts, possibly where the current shipping container sits, or near the dumpsters. Michelle brings up concerns about the obstruction of view of all areas of the playground, for student safety.
  • Further investigation of the options will continue. Joe will have more information for the next meeting and hopefully we can make a final decision then.

Mosaic Mural Project-

  • David Somers has given his consent for a mosaic here at the school.
  • Michelle reports that teachers are in favor of a mixed media piece by a local artist, drawn and painted with mosaic accents by artist Lisa Lord.
  • Teachers Kari Smith, Mary Snowden and Valerie McCoy have expressed interest in being a part of a committee.
  • Jessica will make contact and go from there.

Amy Merwin Music Department Purchase Proposal- given by Avril Betoushana

  • Gus makes a motion and Mia seconds the motion. All are in favor to cover the full cost of:
  1. 2 Basic Beat Rolling Orff carts at $264.49
  2. 1 Mendini by Cecilio 5-piece junior Drum set at $139.99
  3. 11 Casio mini keyboards (44 key) at $549.89

Digital Scales for the Science Lab- given by Tia McLean

  • Mia motions to approve the purchase of 6 digital scales for the science lab at $15 each and Tia seconds the motion. All are in favor.

Committee Reports:

Treasure’s Report- given by Shane Hunter

  • We have $46,000 we still need to spend!
  • Tee/sweat Shirt sales so far this year is $1,500. We made about $500 so far.
  • Per request, Shane provided teachers with their classroom grant money spending update.
  • We still have pilot projects we could assign.
  • Mia moves that the purchasing of K cups for the Keurig in the teacher’s staff room will be included under line item “Teacher Appreciation” event. Michelle seconds the motion and all are in favor.
  • Mia moves to add a line item for Retirement Parties for $150, Shane seconds the motion and all are in favor. Caroline Hald, the librarian is retiring this year and the teacher’s Sunshine Committee have something special planned for her.
  • Joe moves to approve the budget, Shane seconds the motion and all are in favor.

Next Meeting on Thursday March 9th 2017 at 6:30 p.m., in the library

Meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m. by Joe Shannon

Minutes compiled by Jessica Bendaw, Recording Secretary