February 2016 General Meeting Minutes

Helman Elementary PTA

February 2016 General Meeting Minutes

Date, Time, Location: Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in the library

Meeting called to order by Vice President Avril Betoushana at 6:10 p.m.

Attendance: Michelle Cuddeback, Anne Robison, John Williams, Mia

Driscoll, Matt Damon, Avril Betoushana, Mary Snowden, Jessica Bendaw, Jennifer Hall, Sean

Smith and Becky Sniffen

Minutes: Meeting minutes from 1/ 5/2016 were read and approved with no changes.

Open Items:

OBOB- given by Jennifer Hall, parent volunteer leader

  • Update: 22 teams, 100 children participating, 24 coaches
  • Information and permission slip sign up went out to parents late Sept./ early Oct.
  • 3rd grade teams were created by the teachers; 4th and 5th grade teams choose there

their own teams which wasn’t very smooth, this element could use some revision.

  • Weatherly, the Librarian suggests ordering and purchasing the OBOB books at the

end of the school year or in the summer so they are available at the beginning of the

next school year. Next year’s suggestion is to order the books when the list comes

out in May.

  • Very important is to register the school by the early deadline which costs $50.
  • The team creation process is a bit time consuming and challenging, this process

could use some streamlining.

  • Teachers and parents are on board with the purpose of OBOB which is to have fun,

reading comprehension, learning and the love of reading. NOT about competition

and who wins.

  • There was a “coaches agreement” to not buy study guides so there was a level,

non-competitive playing field

  • It’s best to have same grade teams battle each other.
  • “Battle” organization takes a lot of time, took a lot of time going through questions

and choosing the best and appropriate questions.

  • Battles will take place on one whole day of school, due to the high number of teams.
  • Suggestions for next year: